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15 Tactical PPC Testing Ideas to Drive Campaign Performance

Updated: Jan 18

PPC testing

Welcome to our blog post on "15 Tactical PPC Testing Ideas to Drive Campaign Performance." As it's clear from the PPC Events, today's digital landscape is highly competitive so it is crucial for businesses to constantly optimize their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising efforts to stay ahead of the curve.

While PPC campaigns can be effective in driving targeted traffic and boosting conversions, they often require careful testing and fine-tuning to maximize their potential. There is also the ver real and present evolving of the Paid Search landscape like never before. That's where this blog post comes in.

We reached out to our fabulous community and asked them what they were testing for Q3 which resulted in this list of 15 tactical PPC testing ideas that will help you uncover new opportunities, identify bottlenecks, and ultimately drive the performance of your campaigns to new heights.

Whether you are an experienced PPC marketer looking for fresh ideas or a beginner seeking guidance, this blog post will provide you with a wealth of actionable insights and practical tips to not just show the value of PPC, but to also show that you are the professional and the role of a PPC professional is still very much needed.

PPC Testing Ideas

1. Custom countdown extensions.

Abby Young - Campaign Manager at HDY Agency.

2. To continue testing Broad match. For some clients, tests carried out at the beginning of Q1 needed to provide stronger results to convince us to use them more predominately. For those accounts, I will be testing them again to see how they get on.

Sophie Logan - Head of Paid Media at Victress Digital

3. I will test the Product Bucketing - Labelizer Script by Floris de Schrijver to get more out of my Performance Max campaigns. I am also planning to do a LOT more RSA testing.

Boris Beceric is a Google Ads consultant and coach.

4. Google's IFTTAd - with weather API and client first-party data

Reddit Ads for B2C SaaS

Chris Ridley - Paid Media Manager @ Evoluted Speaking at Sheffield DM in August -

5. PMAX and Google scripts.

6. While it might sound quite simple, I plan on testing maximise clicks vs manual CPC for brand new campaigns. I've always opted for manual CPC when launching a new campaign for a client, but I'm curious to see what impact maximise clicks will have instead. Will it bid super low but generate more clicks?

Ryan Scollon - Freelance PPC consultant specialising in lead generation

7. I'll test the impact of pulling in the size to product titles to remedy GMC flagging duplicate feed titles.

Keeret Kaur - PPC Manager at ASOS, with over ten years of experience in the industry across a variety of verticals

8. G-Ads Retargeting with Predictive audiences made in Google Cloud.

Glenn Schmelzle - you can find my bio on LinkedIn.

9. PMAX for Shopping, PMAX for Search, Enhanced Conversions.


10. Ad copy tests, testing limiting product feed to high ROAS products only, testing category pages vs PDPs for e-comm

Sarah Stemen has worked in digital since 2007, with time spent on both the client side & the agency side. She is currently a Paid Search Manager at Marcus Thomas. You can find her on Twitter or on LinkedIn

11. I've been considering if AI-generated copy performs better than human-written copy would be a cool test to do internally.

Ameet Khabra - Ameet has spent the last decade figuring out why people do what they do online, what prompts them to take action, and how to use this insight to make marketing work better. Today she uses that experience to design dazzling campaign strategies for our clients and teach future generations of PPC pros at the university level.

12. Outsourcing - expanding the scope of my work so I can outsource to other freelancers.

Akinsola Esther - content marketer and travel writer. I love doing research and testing new technologies.

13. Twitter Ads – but cautiously. Our client (and their competitors) have a solid organic presence on the platform, so they want to try and reach/convert more of that target audience. We plan to use an extensive list of exclusions to help with brand safety.

Ashton Clarke is currently the Paid Media Team Lead at Knucklepuck, responsible for client strategy & execution and managing a small team of consultants. Outside of work, you'll find him hiking and watching soccer in Denver, Colorado.

14. We are starting to test more on different platforms. In Q3, we have 2-3 DTC clients lined up to give Pinterest a test after years of not advertising on there.

Shaun Elley - 10yr ppc vet with the most experience in ecomm and custom tracking. Owner of Blue Ox Digital

15. I am full on PMax mood. After having tested PMax and Shopping, I am now trying ROAS bidding strategies between top/medium and low AOV products.

Veronica Ruiz - a digital marketing consultant supporting agencies and brands to grow and expand internationally through Paid Media

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