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Audience Research Resources

Updated: Jan 18

At our second event, we had two time founder and author Rand Fishkin talked about SparkToro and how with our evolving digital world, understanding your audience and how to target them is becoming more and more important. So here are some links to help you understand more about audience research/targeting and how to implement them.

A Guide To PPC Audience Targeting - Audience targeting is a great way to boost the performance of your PPC campaigns. Here are some tips and tactics to get you started.

PPC 101: How to Correctly Identify Your Target Audiences (and Apply It to Google Ads) - The purpose of this blog is to show you how to identify your ideal Google Ads target audience so you don’t waste your PPC ad budget.

Google Ads Audience Targeting: The Ultimate Guide - Audience targeting is a key part of achieving success in Google Ads. Understanding how to leverage your own user data with Google’s audiences will ensure you get the best return on your ad budget.

How To Use Audience Intelligence To Plan Your Marketing Campaigns - In this post, we'll take a look at what audience intelligence is, and I'll share five ways you can use one of the latest audience intelligence tools, SparkToro*, to simplify your customer research.

How to use the new Microsoft Ads Audience Network Planner - You can expand your reach beyond your Audience Ads campaigns by uncovering more data with the new audience planner.

PPC Audience Strategy: Targeting vs. Observation (With Examples) - These key differences between Targeting and Observation audience settings in Google Ads and Microsoft Ads can make or break your campaign.

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