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Precision in Practice: Mastering B2B Account Targeting

Updated: Jan 18

In the intricate realm of B2B advertising, the last thing any professional wants is to see their precious resources—be it ad dollars, time, or effort—misdirected towards irrelevant accounts. The challenge lies in discerning the fine lines that separate potential clients from those who simply won't benefit from your product or service.

Fortunately, the evolution of technology has ushered in a new era, making the task of pinpointing the right B2B accounts ten times more manageable. And with the continuous advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), the future promises an even more refined and efficient process.

Now, let's delve into the exciting part of the journey—unveiling some of the simplest yet highly effective strategies to connect with specific accounts in the B2B landscape. It's time to elevate your targeting game and maximise your returns with these actionable insights.

Leveraging LinkedIn Ads Targeting for Up-to-Date Accounts

LinkedIn Ads is the goldmine of opportunities for B2B advertisers seeking precise account targeting. The platform's robust advertising features allow you to zone in on your ideal audience based on a myriad of criteria, from industry and company size to job title and seniority.

LinkedIn's granular targeting options enable advertisers to set parameters based on company size and industry. Whether you're aiming for small startups or established corporations, or if your product caters to a particular sector, these filters help you fine-tune your campaigns for maximum relevance.

The best part about LinkedIn is that you can:

  • Target specific companies you have in mind

  • You can retarget companies that either engaged with your ads or visited your site

  • A list that includes all the companies your sales team is craving for

  • Or even the type of company you wish to target even if you don’t know their names

The sky's the limit regarding the targeting combinations that can be made with LinkedIn Ads.

Unveiling Opportunities through Trade Publications

This is an oldie yet still valuable opportunity to create mental availability with the companies you want to reach. These industry-specific magazines, journals, and online platforms are valuable channels for reaching a highly targeted audience.

Trade publications are often centred around specific industries, providing a direct line to professionals and decision-makers within your niche. Consider crafting sponsored content or thought leadership pieces for these publications. This approach positions your brand as an authoritative voice within the industry, fostering trust and engagement. Readers are likelier to respond positively to ads that contribute valuable insights and knowledge.

Many trade publications organise industry events or collaborate with key players in the sector. Explore opportunities for event sponsorship, contributing articles, or collaborating on special features. This boosts your brand visibility and aligns you with the publication's credibility.

6Sense: New and Exciting

6Sense distinguishes itself by leveraging advanced algorithms, it sifts through vast datasets to discern patterns and behaviours indicative of organisations primed for engagement. This foresight empowers marketing and sales teams to proactively reach out to accounts displaying genuine interest, ensuring resources are allocated where they matter most.

The platform doesn't just identify prospects; it facilitates a strategic and personalised approach. Armed with insights into an account's digital journey, marketing and sales teams can craft tailored campaigns that resonate with the specific needs and interests of the targeted organisation. Additionally, it allows you to create display campaigns within the platform or send dynamically generated audiences to Meta and Linkedin.

Demandbase & Terminus: The pioneers of ABM

Demandbase and Terminus have long been pioneers in the realm of Account-Based Marketing (ABM). Demandbase offers a user-friendly platform that transforms how businesses connect with high-value accounts. Using the power of artificial intelligence and intent data, Demandbase provides a set of tools for personalised content delivery, account scoring, and multi-channel engagement. What makes Demandbase unique is its ability to understand the signals of intent, helping marketing teams tailor their strategies in real-time to the interests of target accounts for more impactful outreach.

Engagio, a part of the Demandbase family, extends these capabilities by providing advanced analytics and orchestration features, guiding businesses through the complexities of the ABM journey.

Conversely, Terminus is a dedicated ABM solution designed for businesses looking to focus on high-potential accounts. At its core, Terminus allows users to identify and target key accounts through advanced account-based advertising, engagement tracking, and personalised content delivery in order to create a healthy pipeline.

Let’s wrap this up!

As advertising professionals navigate these dynamic tools, the quest for precision remains ongoing. From deciphering intent to orchestrating personalised campaigns, these platforms represent a marriage of technology, strategy, and creativity. Embracing the capabilities of Demandbase, Terminus, and others in the field allows professionals to craft campaigns that target specific accounts and authentically resonate with unique needs and interests.

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