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Match Type Resources

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

At our November event we had another great first time speaker Petya Yildizgoren got us falling in love with Broad Match - no really. There were so much great feedback and questions about different usecases. With how automation has evolved the high possiblitiy that Broad Match will be out only option soon (see this poll for evidence :)) So here are some links to help you better make use of the match type that may be your only option very soon.

Google Ad match types are not going away - Search Engine Land. Some advertisers panicked, understandably, after a new match types beta test went live.

Google Ads Keyword Match Types Explained (2022) - Surfside PPC - There is a lot you need to know about Google Ads Keyword Match types when you get started as an advertiser.

Is Broad Match the future? - PPC Live UK - Broad match is a trendy topic within the PPC community. Your Google rep keeps pushing you to implement it, and we keep hearing more experts reporting successful stories when using this traditional 'evil match'

Google Phrase Match: Everything You Need to Know - Search Engine Journal - Keywords are no longer just about words; they’re about meanings. Learn how phrase match works in Google Ads to improve PPC performance.

Should You Include the Same Keyword with All Match Types in Google Ads? - WordStream - There is an age-old argument about structuring your account based on the match type of the keywords in each ad group. Should you add all keywords on exact, phrase, and broad?

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