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PPC Live UK #4 | February 2nd 2023

Updated: Jan 18

Resources are best accompanied whilst watching how the event went down:

Top Tips:

  • What differentiates the Microsoft Audience Network from the Google Display Network in particular is that you’re leveraging Microsoft's data for your audience targeting

  • Native PPC Platform - Placements include Microsoft Outlook, MSN, Edge and premium website

  • Audience Ads is auto-applied so ensure you actively remove this targeting setting from your search campaigns

  • Run a separate Audience Ads Campaign to target the Audience Network

Top tips:

  • GTM works as a translator between the website code and the platforms

  • Events are the best way to track but you can also use the thank you page or raise element visibility

  • Don’t overcomplicate it but ensure you are naming meaningfully and accurately

  • Triggers often work across different platforms so you can use the knowledge for different platforms

Top Tips:

  • Aligned channels and focus on the North Star Goal

  • Combine short-term victories with long-term consistency using the trust vs performance model

  • Ensure you have the data that talks to the C-Suite: Earned leads/sales, own traffic data from your/your clients' websites and (obviously) costs

PPC Live UK at Accelerator #2


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