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PPC Live UK #6 | 27th May 2023

Updated: Aug 9

Watch the talks of past PPC event, see 10 reasons why you should attend a digital marketing event like PPC Live UK and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be alerted to new video releases.

Effective targeting in a world that is becoming more privacy-aware - Jan - Henrik Lambrechts

Top Tips:

  • PPC is a loop of good data and effective decision making

  • Data quality is extremely impactful downstream in this loop

  • Data quality = TRacking quality + external constraints

Responsive Search Ads To Pin Or Not To Pin, That Is The Question - Dez Calton

Top Tips:

  • Not one size fits all

  • Don't just work towards Ad Strength - prioritise clients'\business goals

  • You can make 43,680 RSA ad copy combinations

Is Microsoft All That - Adel Said

Top tips:

  • Microsoft has great reach, targeting options and high quality traffic sources

  • People are 5.5x more likely to purchase on the Mivrosoft Ads Network

  • Don't treat it the same way you treat Google

Click frequency Cap vs Conversion Rate - Satoko Ohtsuki

Top Tips:

  • Click frequency has a relationship with conversion rate

  • It vaires by vertical but it it all have a diminishing point of return

  • Spider AF can control the click frequency cap for all ads platforms

PPC Live UK #6 Pictures

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