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PPC Live UK At The Shard #1 | September 29th 2022

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Resources are best accompanied whilst watching how the event went down:

Top Tips:

Top tips:

  • PPC is a powerful data gathering tool that can help and boost the business

  • Being data-driven means that you try to make decisions based on data, without bias.

  • Build the story - The key is to look for the story the data is telling you

Understanding and Optimising GAds Performance Max - Chris Ridley

Top Tips:

  • Marketers need to invest time into learning how machine learning does/doesn't work

  • The human factor will remain relevant, even essential, in digital marketing's present and future

  • Our job now is to teach, pilot, diagnose, and strategise

Audience Research Q&A Session with Rand Fishkin

Questions Asked:

  1. Tell us about SparkToro and what the company does

  2. How much trust should you put in ad platforms and how many conversions would have happened anyway? Is performance marketing being misled by skewed/false data?

  3. How important is timing + relevant messaging for the right audience.

  4. In a cookie less world, is programmatic dead?

  5. Can you elaborate on how SparkToro gets the data...e g " high engagement hidden see gems"/Any timeline of SparkToro rollout in Germany?

  6. What’s your writing process like? Do you just think in perfect sentences all the time?

PLU at the Shard #1 Images

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