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PPC Live UK Celebrates Women's History Month | March 31st 2023

Updated: Apr 25

Watch the talks of this PPC event and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be alerted to new video releases.

Why and How you should use Blended Search report - Agnes Bungsy

Top Tips:

  • Blended Search data can help to:

  1. Measure and improve incrementality of PPC

  2. Understand your audience and changes in search traffic

  3. Understand blended CPCs

PPC Forecasting: Opening the Pandora's box - Ito Giwa-Osagie

Top tips:

  • The forecasting process can be compared to making a Pizza: your base is your data validation, your sauce is your forecast template and your toppings are your data checks

  • Two Types of Forecasts: Headroom analysis vs Performance projection

  • Sense check all data

  • Don't be afraid of reforecast

7 Steps to a Winning Multi-Channel PPC Strategy - Raluca Radu

Top Tips:

  • If we only chase conversions we actually save now and pay later

  • We should understand our strategy from a relationship pipeline lens

  • By creating our buyer personas, we can deliver efficient messaging fit to purpose

  • Ensure your budget split is enough for each stage

PPC Live UK celbrates Women's History Month

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