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Profit Bidding Resources

Updated: Jul 6, 2023

Profit Bidding Resources

In out November event we had Nicolas Huber talking to us about Profit Bidding and it really got our audience going. It isn't the most straight forward way to do it. Most companies bid towards overall ROAS but they could also be doing that against products that are making a loss. Why? So we have put together our favourite links about Profit bidding and why it's important

What ROAS Really Means – And Is Not Good For Your Business. - Noopd. Optimising ROAS can drive your business to the ground, so bid on profit instead. Our mission at noopd is to level the playing field for eCommerce merchants, and to give them (and their marketers, in-house or otherwise) new tools to help them.

PPC Strategy: These 3 Paid Search Strategies Are All You Ever Need - Data Driven. From my [Jeff Sauer] experience, you don't need complex algorithms to save money with paid search. You don't need a crazy PPC management tool to trim down costs for campaigns. You need only employ one of 3 core paid search strategies in order to succeed in your PPC campaigns.

Profit-Driven PPC Management in Practice - Search Engine Journal - Profit-driven optimization is the most advanced and ultimate goal of budget and bid management. Here's how to optimize your PPC campaigns for profit.

Reframing The Conversation: The Benefits Of Profit-Based PPC Management - PPC Hero - As digital marketers, many of us are used to being multilingual when it comes to communicating KPIs to clients. Some clients are interested in efficiency metrics, like ROAS, CPA, or Ad/Cost. Others prefer more growth-oriented metrics, and aim to maximize revenue or leads within a given budget.

Does a Profit Maximization Strategy Make Sense For Your PPC Bidding Optimization? - Quantic Mind - Having a focused and defined strategy is a necessity – not a luxury – in the modern era. Especially when you consider the numerous interactions that you can track and attribute directly to specific campaigns and ads.

Profit Bidding: Best practices - PPC Live UK - “If you have the patience and discipline to focus on profitability over unprofitable growth, grab it.”

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