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Rock Stars in our Field - Meriem Nacer

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Meriem Nacer

One of the beauties of our industry is some of the amazing people who work in it. We work in a very diverse industry with talented and experienced professionals who are always willing to help and share their perspectives and experiences. We wanted to give something back to this amazing community by amplifying the expertise and good heart of these professionals... so we launched Rock Stars in our Field last year.

This month one of our Rock Stars - Thuha Wright - wanted to talk about one of those PPCers who are always willing to help (and laugh!) - the brilliant Meriem Nacer. She is a PPC & Performance Marketing Consultant with vast experience developing international campaigns for SME and high-profile clients. She is a fun and creative person who knows how to rock PPC.

What is your relationship with her?

Fellow freelancer :)

What makes her a rockstar?

Meriem is an active member of the Women In PPC community. She is always willing to help and is extremely knowledgeable. Check out her Spotify playlist she created for the Women In PPC community!

Can you describe an incident that made them stand out to you with their approach?

I once had a general chat with Meriem about Google Shopping Ads and feed management platforms, and she was like a treasure trove of information in terms of nuances etc. She really got my thinking juices going.

Three words you would use to describe him?




A PPC strength that you admire in her

She is always testing and open to new ideas!

There are many talented professionals in our industry who wouldn't necessarily talk about themselves. If you know one of them, please let us know, we all want to know about them. Let's get the industry to say nice things about each other!

And if you want to meet some of these rock stars to learn from and share with, join our PPC Live UK events, run on the last Thursday of every other month at the low price of £16. For our next event on the 2nd of February, we have four brilliant speakers: Maddie Crawford, Azeem Ahmad, Tiffany Shears and Sophie Logan. Get your ticket before it is too late!

PPC Live UK - Meriam Nacer

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