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Rock Stars in our Field - Michael De Boeck

Updated: Jun 20, 2023

Michael Be Boeck

Another month, another opportunity to shed light on our great PPC talent in our field. And you don't need to take our word for it - you are the lovely people sending in your outstanding nominations about the people you admire.

This time is no different, as we received an excellent commendation for Michael De Boeck from one of our lovely PPC Live UK community members. Michael is an agency owner running a small team focusing on Google Ads, Meta Ads and some TikTok Ads.

What is your relationship to Michael?

We've never met, but we talk often - mainly about our businesses and interesting things we see in accounts and life in general.

What makes him a rockstar?

His willingness to share knowledge and hop on calls whenever there is something that comes up. He is passionate about his work and it just shows.

Can you describe an incident that really made them stand out to you with their approach?

There have been many, but mainly because he reached out and offered to collaborate and exchange thoughts and knowledge as we grow both our businesses.

Three words you would use to describe them?

Sharp. Curious. Helpful

What have you learned from them?

He opened my eyes to the concept of ditching ROAS as a KPI and focusing on MER to drive business growth.

Name a PPC strength you admire in them.

He is always able to see the big picture and doesn't see PPC as the be all end all of all online marketing. He'll be the first person to admit PPC might not be for someone if he thinks another channel or tactic might be more promising.

If you also know one of these inspiring PPC rockstars; please let us know, we all want to know about them. Let's get the industry to say nice things about each other!

And if you want to meet some of these rock stars to learn from and share with, join our PPC Live UK events, run on the last Thursday of every other month at the early bird price of £16. Our next PPC event is on the 25th of May; get your ticket before it is too late!

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