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Rock Stars in our Field - Thuha Wright

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

We're very excited to launch a new initiative on our website, Rock Stars in our Field, where we'll be asking members of the PPC community to answer a few questions about a PPC rockstar they know.

Diversity and expertise are in PPC Live UK's DNA. Our industry is full of talented professionals and beautiful human beings who wouldn't necessarily talk about themselves. We want to find those experts and amplify their knowledge and hard work. Let's get the industry to say nice things about each other!

Introducing our first rockstar - Thuha Wright aka Digital Seamstress - a PPC Specialist. She has years of experience in agency and client side, mainly in the travel industry and has worked for brands such as TUI and Travelopia and in well-known agencies such as Jellyfish.

For the last four years, she has been helping in-house teams and agencies with their Digital Marketing strategy as a freelancer. This is how I met her and discovered how brilliant she is at PPC.

What is your relationship to her?

Thuha was my predecessor at Trustedhousesitters. She joined as a hands-on PPC consultant while the company was transitioning from agency management to in-house, and she was the bridge between the agency and myself.

What makes her a rockstar?

She is a deeply skilled PPCer moved by data and kindness. She drove amazing results and ensured everything was brilliantly documented for the next person (myself).

If you have ever managed an in-housed account, you already know that this task in itself is challenging enough. Doing it while knowing that someone else will take over can be really daunting and stressful. Every PPC manager approaches accounts differently, so you have to ensure that your work makes sense to the next person. Thuha excelled on both tasks. I had the smoothest start thanks to her fantastic job - an account in excellent shape and a detailed briefing explaining the tricks of the account.

Can you describe an incident that really made them stand out to you with their approach?

Thuha joined the team as a PPC consultant during a very tricky time with the company's Paid Search Marketing - the account struggled with profitability and scalability. Her tasks were quite ambitious: transition the account in-house while improving efficiency.

She quickly identified the main issues by asking the right questions, analysing the correct data, and establishing a short-term strategy to transform the account. She worked through her recommendations with a professional and diligent hands-on approach. Within a short amount of time (3 months!), the account saw a fast change in performance, hitting CPA and ROI targets as a result.

What project is she working on that we can support?

Thuha has thorough paid media knowledge as well as a passion for people. Always keen to help, she has proved vital for developing many peoples roles and accounts. She is now running several workshops where she shares her knowledge and well-crafted methodical approach. If you are in the PPC industry, keep an eye on her. Not only will you be supporting a brilliant professional, but you will learn some good practices to rockstar your accounts.

Three words you would use to describe them?




What have you learned from her?

We must accept that we all have our approach and work with that. We should believe in ourselves and our professional experience while implementing changes, knowing that the next person may use a different one. That doesn't invalidate ours or make theirs wrong. It is just the magic of PPC - You can reach similar results following very different routes. By accepting this, you will also realise how important it is to document and organise your work so another PPC practitioner can understand your approach.

A PPC strength that you admire in her

She mastered a data-driven approach with this account. She allowed data to guide her, overcoming fears about losing traffic or other vanity metrics. When you are facing this kind of challenge, it is quite easy to be trapped in a 'fear circle' - data says that something doesn't work, but you are scared of losing traffic - If you are sure that you have collected all your data (including assisted conversions). This data is telling you something, don't let your emotions override the data!

If you want to meet some of these rock stars to learn from and share with, join our PPC Live UK events, run on the last Thursday of every other month at the low price of £16. For our next event on the 24th of November we have four brilliant speakers - Petya Yildizgoren, Nicolas Huber, Carolina Torres, Russell McAthy who will be talking about making Broad match work for you, Account Structures for B2B campaigns, Bidding profitably, and Maximising Life Time Value. Get your ticket here.


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