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Rock Stars in our Field - Tiffany Shears

Updated: Jul 18

Tiffany Shears

To celebrate this International Women's History Month, we have a very special rockstar to talk about - Tiffany Shears - also known as Yoda. You may remember her insightful talk at PPC Live UK #4, February 2023, where she taught us the best tricks to get the most out of Google Tag manager. Her colleague and founder of Absolute Digital Media, Ben Austin, shared beautiful insights from this magnificent and inspirational professional.

What is your relationship with her?

Tiffany works within the PPC department at Absolute Digital Media, working closely alongside our Head Of Paid Media and PPC Managers across various advertising accounts, including The National Autistic Society.

What makes her a rockstar?

Tiffany continues to go above and beyond for her clients, ensuring her work benefits their long-term goals and supports their wider business strategy for greater growth and results. Regardless of how busy she is, Tiffany always makes time for her colleagues, whether helping them with a task or scheduling training sessions to share her skills and knowledge. This extends beyond the PPC team, often involving all departments in the agency. She has also recently stepped out of her comfort zone and started speaking at events such as the Brighton SEO fringe events, PPC Live UK, Digital Bites and Digi Confab to expand her network and meet like-minded marketers. Not to mention Twitter's #PPCChat and our Twitter Space series #AbsoluteTwitterSpace

Can you describe an incident that made them stand out to you with their approach?

Tiffany takes everything in her stride and always keeps calm, which is reflected across all areas of her work. Recently, The National Autistic Society approached her for support on a quick turnaround campaign due to their long-term relationship, which Tiffany successfully led and turned in around in minimal time. She worked alongside the rest of the PPC team to ensure we could deliver the required activity on time, despite having taken on further clients within the agency due to a colleague being promoted to another business area. In this way, she truly is a member of staff that the rest of the agency look up to. Tiffany also took the lead on the GA4 update, ensuring everyone in the agency knew what it meant to client campaigns and what was to come. She assisted them with the agency-wide strategy we developed to ensure a smooth transition, relaying its importance to the team and our clients. Testimonial from The National Autistic Society

What project/personal development skills are they working on that we can support?

Tiffany is constantly improving her skill set and is referred to as the ‘tracking yoda’ internally due to her extensive knowledge. We would love Tiffany to have the opportunity to further develop her skills through maintaining her activeness within the community and networking with individuals who have similar interests to her.

Three words you would use to describe her?




What have you learned from them?

Tiffany has not only shared her skills, experience, and extensive knowledge with the team, but her impeccable work ethic has also made her a role model for many, both within our agency and the wider PPC industry. Some of the training Tiffany has carried out amongst the team includes GTM tracking, GA4, and client relationship management.

A PPC strength that you admire in her

Tiffany is a standout team member who never lets anything get in her way. Even when campaign tracking is complex, time-consuming, or frustrating, Tiffany remains unfazed and does whatever it takes to support her clients. Her love for challenges is evident in her work. Working closely alongside The National Autistic Society team, Tiffany is also known to carry out her own and support other charitable initiatives within the agency. More recently, Tiffany will be fundraising for Amnesty International but doing 100 reps of weighted squats every day throughout March.

If you also know one of these inspiring PPC rockstars; please let us know, we all want to know about them. Let's get the industry to say nice things about each other!

And if you want to meet some of these rock stars to learn from and share with, join our PPC Live UK events, run on the last Thursday of every other month at the early bird price of £16. Our next event is on the 31st of March; get your ticket before it is too late!

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