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What Audacity Looks Like

Updated: Jul 6

What Audacity Looks Like

PPC Live UK has had an epic 1st year. We are so proud of how much we have achieved. We have created a safe space for marketers, a supportive community that breathes diversity and curiosity. We have served exciting topics that have sold-out tickets and provided a platform for experts to share their valuable knowledge.

PPC Live UK was born in July when Anu Adegbola decided she was audacious enough to work for her dream of organising a PPC-only conference. In only a few months, PPC Live UK was already a go-to for any PPC practitioner in the UK.

We have asked her to do a recap of this astonishing year. Her answers talk about encouragement, self-belief and, of course, community. Thanks to everyone who has helped us to make this dream come true.

How have you managed to set up and organise a successful bi-monthly event while working full-time?

Determination, knowing I could do it and therefore needing to prove myself right. When I asked my friend at an SEO event why there wasn't an affordable PPC event, she told me - "well, Anu, maybe you're the one to do it:". I seriously thought - "Why not?" When I set my mind on something and have a "why not?" in my head - I don't let anything stop me. Of course, I knew I would need help, so where I couldn't raise things myself, I looked to my network and told them my idea, and they were ready to help. There are good people in this world, and when you are prepared to do something brave - they rise up.

What has been the most significant barrier?

Based on what I wanted to do, it was the finance to do it and the willingness of people who would help without needing to get paid immediately.

How can we overcome our fears of starting a business?

Well, with this one, everyone will have a different style. Mine - is to try to push past it. I think, "Okay, what is the worst-case scenario?" And I talked about it with a friend before I even went into it. Not enough people come; it's too expensive than I am ready for, and we don't do the 2nd event. Ultimately - no one would die! So why not?

What has surprised you?

The people who have shown up to help in so many different ways. The first event sold out. People I had never met were willing to give money so it could happen. Great speakers wanted to be part of it before any reputation had been built.

What have you learned?

People will show up to and for ventures that are worth doing, and your network can be your biggest supporters. Several people have bought tickets even though they live overseas and can't make it. Another few who haven't been able to contribute have introduced me to people who have been able to sponsor. People want to be associated with things being done for a good reason.

Your best advice for 2023

Have the audacity to chase your dream. Don't be afraid to build in public and ask for help from your network. You will be surprised by how many people are willing to join you on the journey.

What has PPC Live UK accomplished in 2022?

Three unique events (2 of them in the tallest building in London - the Shard), over 1 thousand followers, over 300 tickets sold, 13 sponsors (2 headliners)

Do you have a ‘best moment’ of PPC Live UK in 2022

The very first PPC Live UK event, seeing the room fill up and knowing that my dream had become a reality.

And a ‘worst moment’?

Getting my first constructive feedback of the first event (about there not being enough food).

What has organising PPC Live UK taught you?

That it pays to have the audacity to do things.

Where do you see PPC Live UK in the next year? And in the next 5 years?

In the new year - our 1st anniversary falling in July - I plan to make a whole day event. More followers and more events

In the next five years - take it nationwide and on the cusp of it being international.

2023 is going to be even better; we are full of exciting ideas to take PPC Live UK to the next level. Also, we have already aligned brilliant speakers for our next few events, and our first one is happening on the 2nd of February. Tickets are ready, and we can't wait for you to continue to join us on the journey. See you next year.

Speakers and topics for PPC Live UK event of 2nd February 2023

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