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PPC Live UK is a startup, and we have reached the stage where our needs have outpaced our current resources. Outside of our sell-out events, another one of our objectives is to provide our readers with a wealth of useful and up-to-date content. Content around practical PPC advice, cheerleading our amazing PPC community, the latest PPC news and more. 

We are in search of writers to aid in our efforts. If you have a passion for writing and Paid Search is a passion of yours we want to hear from you.

This page provides information on what we expect from guest submissions and a checklist to ensure all content is ready to submit. We accept submissions from all types of companies and industries. However, it is vital that you read the information carefully and follow our checklist closely. Failure to do so may result in articles not being published.

Who We're Looking for

Hands-on experience in PPC - PPC Live UK's primary objective is to get amazing PPC experts to talk to you about practical & current issues in the industry and ways you can do your job better immediately. That is what we want our content to do as well. So in order to contribute to the site, prior experience in search marketing is required, especially familiarity with paid search (PPC). If you can relate the PPC advice to organic search (SEO), paid social, programmatic etc. that's a bonus.

Writes with personality and clarity - tone of voice of our site is knowledgeable, analytical, and data-backed but also conversational, uplifting, and solution-focused (don't bang on about your frustrations - give the audience the light at the end of the tunnel pov). 

Can respond to emails quickly – We won’t need your services every day, but we’d love to get a response within 24 hours on weekdays.

Types of articles we're looking for

  • Brand-side case-studies. We would love to hear your story if you work at an agency, brand, or technology provider with a client case study.

  • In-depth how-to and step-by-step pieces. We are passionate about exploring specific examples and recent changes in the field. If you have intriguing data, correlations, or tips and tricks, share your insights by submitting a written piece.

  • High-level industry trends. High-level strategic advice that has helped you do your job better or transform your business.

  • News. Paid Search is evolving fast; please let us know if you have any breaking news!


  • No self promotional materials

  • Your article contains short paragraphs, has been spell checked and contains some images (ideally graphs and charts).

  • Your article contains a 35-50 word summary that will sit at the top of the article as a lead into the article

  • Your article is in a word document (or equivalent). You will also need a Google account to upload your article.

Or if you aren't settled on a topic, let us know your availability to deliver an article and we'll give you a selection of topics to choose from and we'll go from there. 

Contact for any urgent queries

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