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Agnes Bungsy

Agnes Bungsy

About Me - I am a senior Analytics Lead based in London, UK. With 15 years of both managerial and hands on experience working within data/analytics teams in mainly growth businesses (Yahoo, Trainline, Moonpig, Siemens, TikTok, Badoo, WorldRemit and more). I have specialised increasingly over the years in Marketing Analytics, Web Analytics and Market Research.

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Effective ways of turning data into actionable insights

Working in digital we often get overwhelmed by the amount of data which we sometimes do not even know what to do with.

In this session, we will go through several practical examples of getting truly actionable insights from your data, which can be used for optimisations and growth. We will use SEO, PPC and other data. We will discuss good (and bad) ways of analysing data.

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