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Sophie Logan

Sophie Logan

About Me - I’m the Head of Paid Media at Victress Digital, a small PPC and Social Media agency based in Nottingham. I specialise in Search and Display Campaigns and have a particular interest in B2B and SaaS brands.

I’m passionate about ensuring that my talks are actionable and that all attendees have something to work on once they’re back in the office. It always makes me smile when I’m speaking and look out to see someone frantically writing down things or when someone catches me afterwards to ask questions about how my topic could work for their particular situation.

Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my dog Dexter, Aka PPC Pug, and all things to do with True Crime.

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Don't Sleep on Microsoft's Audience Network!

Have you been putting off exploring Microsoft's Audience Network? Are you still a bit unsure about what it actually is and how best to get started?

This talk will introduce you to the network and explain why you should consider including it in your Paid Media strategy. It will also offer some best practices and set up advice based on first-hand experience (both good and bad!) so that you can take your Microsoft Advertising account to the next level.

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