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Tiffany Shears

Tiffany Shears

About Me - At the start of my career, I worked within a complaints department for a digital marketing company, where I got the opportunity to learn more about different marketing channels and how they benefitted businesses. From here, I attained my role of PPC Executive, learning the nitty and gritty of the service, which is where my passion for pay-per-click really began to flourish!

Soon enough, I became an account manager, which enabled me to get stuck in the day-to-day of the industry. I’ve worked across a variety of PPC channels, including Search, Bing and Shopping and have had the chance to work alongside businesses with both lead generation and eCommerce sites. According to my team, I’m also a ‘specialist’ in Tag Manager!

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GTM by "The Tracking Yoda" - how to become a pro

Once you understand how GTM works, you can do so many wonderful things, and you can track absolutely everything. The only catch is most people don’t understand how GTM works or how to track very advanced enquiries. Once you understand the basics, you can do absolutely anything.

This talk will explain the basics of GTM and how to do some absolutely must-have tracking. To name a few, you will learn how to: set up contact forms as a custom trackable event, to set up thank you pages as a custom, use debug mode to understand data layer variables and many more.

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