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Veronica Ruiz Morcillo - Digital Marketing Consultant - Self Employed

Veronica Ruiz Morcillo - Digital Marketing Consultant - Self Employed

About Me - I am an experienced multi-channel digital marketer with nearly 11 years of experience. I have worked in-house and in agencies, employee and freelancing, corporate and start-ups.... covering broad areas such as content, brand, PR, SEO, CRM, affiliates. I have specialised in Paid Media for the last 8 years, mainly in the competitive travel industry, helping our brands to grow and expand internationally.

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What it Really Means to be Data Driven

We all have been there - you, as an agency, happily attend a client's meeting with a presentation full of positive CVRs and CPAs, however, you leave that meeting with disappointed feedback about negative margins and YoY revenue growth.

Meanwhile, the client is spending hours in internal meetings trying to find out how they can reach their ambitious growth targets, not knowing they have access to a potent data gathering tool: their PPC campaigns and their PPC agency.

A real data-driven approach ensures that we are identifying and including all the relevant data needed to reach our ultimate goal and offer additional insights. In this talk, you will be given insights, tips, and some questions to ask your client/agency to ensure you are making the most of your PPC campaigns.

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