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With PPC Live UK being all about diversity, experts and interesting topics, we wanted to deliver a newsletter that does just that

Ever seen a brilliant LinkedIn post and thought - I would love to ensure I never miss that person's updates or articles they write. Then you want to subscribe to this newsletter. We get expert opinions from the community on the latest PPC issues helping you to approach your accounts strategically AND tactically. 

PPC Live UK is also in the most exciting time of it's growth phase where we are doing dynamic things not only with the ppc events. We will give you updates on:

- Our PLU Chat Whatsapp Group, and the AMA session we have in it

- When we release new videos unto our YouTube Page

- Article submission call outs

- Must listen podcast episodes

- Giveaways and more

We want to provide you with something that makes you feel empowered to make effective changes to your Paid Search campaigns and feel that you are keeping up to date the ever evolving pace of the PPC world. Join us. 

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