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How to Create a Great PPC Ad

Updated: Jul 8, 2023

How to Create a Great PPC Ad

You can have the best PPC structure, the perfect keywords and spot-on targeting options, but if your ad copy fails, your whole account will probably fail as well.

Here are some of the best tips PPC Live UK have heard about creating great PPC ads on Google:

Understand your target audience

It doesn’t matter how creative/funny/interesting your ad copy is; if it doesn’t resonate with your audience, you are wasting an impression (if your target user doesn’t click) or a click (if the wrong user clicks on your ad).

Before writing your ad copy, ask yourself who your target audience is and which end goal they are trying to solve. What are their needs, wants, and pain points? What kind of language and tone would appeal to them?

Best PPC ads have attention-grabbing headlines

I am not suggesting creating clickbait headlines, but making them eye-catching and compelling is essential. The competition is fierce, so you want your ad to stand out.

Here are some tips for writing eye-catching PPC headlines without losing relevance and quality:

  • Prioritise the benefits for the user rather than the features. As mentioned in the previous point, users search for what they need. They don’t mind (yet) how cool your product or service is, but they have a need that they want to satisfy.

  • Use (carefully) trigger words that create a sense of excitement, urgency or entitlement.

  • Include keywords related to your product or service. The closer they are to the search queries, the easier to grab the user’s attention.

  • Use numbers and trademarks, figures, data and ™ are powerful tools to increase CTRs, plus it adds that extra value of credibility and expertise.

Highlight your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)

Another way to stand out from that fierce competition is by highlighting what makes your product or service unique. Some helpful questions that may help you to identify those USPs are:

  • What does your product/service does better than or different from your main competitors?

  • Have you won any awards?

  • Are you running any specific campaigns/special offers?

  • What are your values/tone of voice/north star?

PPC ads in Google has lots of extras

I know 90 characters can be very minimal to highlight all the cool benefits your product or service offers. That is why you shouldn’t forget to use all of those extra features Google Ads give you for your PPC ads:

  • Ad extensions: Sitelinks, callouts, structured snippets… use all of them (if possible). They can emphasize your USPs and those other extra benefits and features that support your primary USPs

  • Display URLs: They can help to enhance your CTRs so ensure you are making the most of them by adding relevant and concise keywords pertinent to your product/service and USPs. There are so many tricks out there like adding your primary keyword or adding a promo code if you are running a sale.

Use a clear call-to-action (CTA)

We all know about the importance of a good CTA. However, we have seen so many ads running without them (or with clumsy ones). Your CTA should be clear, and concise and encourage action (it is a called call to ACTION for a reason!).

So make sure you are using action words that clearly explain why the user should click on your ad and what will be the end result of clicking the link.

Test your PPC ads

As we like to finalise almost every article, don’t forget to test and optimise your ads. It is very easy to go with your gut feeling when working with ad copy (who would click on that!?), but you would be surprised. Try out different headlines, descriptions, and CTAs to see which ones work best. Ensure you run a/b tests frequently; the more you test, the better you will understand your audience and their behaviour and interests. This can also be relevant for your Content colleagues, so also remember to share your data with them.

If you want to hear more tips about how to rock your PPC campaigns, boost your ad structure, and keep updated with the latest news in the industry, follow PPC Live UK and ensure you get your ticket to our next event on the 30th of March. We hope to see you there!


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