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PPC Experts I have found on Threads

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

This week, for me anyway, Twitter reached new levels of being a dumpster fire.

For most of us loyalists - we use Tweetdeck a lot. A platform that allowed us to shut out the noise and trolls and just focus on great PPC/marketing news through specialised columns. Over the weekend, Mr "Let them eat cake" put a limit on how much crawling could be done, affecting a lot of our beloved columns.

And then, we found out that by the end of the month, if you aren't a paid verified user, Tweetdeck is going away altogether! 😡

No - I have no interest in padding the wallet of Mr "Let the rich get richer + let the poor get poorer"

So earlier in the week I jumped at the chance of re-viving my Mastodon profile. As much as it has a lot of members, I couldn't find any of my fave PPC experts. Well today, it looks like we chose our Twitter alternative - Threads.

I am going to be constantly updating this list so please click below if you want to be added -

PPC Experts to Follow

Zak Macklin - Senior Data Consultant, Vervaunt

Chris J Ridley - Paid Media Manager, Evoluted

Sophie Logan - Head of Paid Media, Victress

Jeremy Krantz - PPC Team Manager, Radancy

Kirk Williams - Owner, Zato

Menachem Ani - Founder & CEO, JXT Group

Jyll Saskin Gales - Founder & Course Creator - Learn with Jyll

Susan Wenograd - Fractional Head of Marketing, Wynter

Andrea Cruz - Director of Client Strategy, Tinuiti

Julie Bacchini - Founder, Neptune Moon

Ameet Khabra - Founder, Hop Skip Media

Colin Slattery - Founder, Taikun Digital

Fraser Andrews - Head of Paid Media, HDY Agency

Freya Jones - Founder, Digital Ads Doctor

Tara Dee West - Senior Paid Search Manager, B&Q

Amalia Fowler - Senior PPC Consultant, RicketyRoo

Greg Finn - Digital Marketer, Cypress North

Melissa Mackey - Director of Paid Search, Compound Growth Marketing

Sarah Steman - Senior Paid Search Manager, Marcus Thomas LLC

Jim Banks - CEO, Spades Media

Inderpaul Rai - Head of Acquisition,

Leonardo Pizarro - Head of Demand Generation, Lunio

Odi Caspi - Founder of Effective MarketingUK

Dez Calton - MD, Optimyzd

Yoann Ferrand - PPC Consultant, In-House Partners

Joe Martinez - Co-Founder, Paid Media Pros

Veronica Ruiz Morcillo - Paid Media Specialist

Cory Henke - Founder, Variable Media

Ekta Gupta - Managing Director and Founder, Witrame

Harrison J Hepp - Founder, Industrious Marketing LLC logo

Sam Tomlinson - Executive Vice President, Warschawski

Mark Irvine - Director of Paid Media, Search Labs

Frederick Vallaeys - CEO, Optmyzr

Michelle Morgan - Co-founder, Paid Media Pros

Steven Hammer - President, RankHammer

James Svoboda - CEO / PartnerCEO,

Jon Kagan - Director of Search & Media Strategy. Amsive Digital

Mark Gustafson - Founder, 900 Kings

Peo Molale - Search Engine Marketing Manager, Cytiva

Navah Hopkins - PPC Evangelist, Optmyzr

Luna Rocha - Digital Advertising Specialist, ServiceMaster

Motoko Hunt - Founder & President, AJPR LLC

Timothy Jensen - Sr. Search Engine Marketing Specialist, M&T Bank

Nick Caceres - Digital Marketer, AdVillain

Tricia Chambers - Digital Marketing & Social Media, RAJA UK

Andrew Goodman - President, Page Zero Media;

Jonti Bolles - President/Owner, WHO Digital Strategy

Armond Hammer - President, Hammer Incorporporated

Akvile DeFazio - President, Akvertise

PPC Brands To Follow

PPC Live UK - London's Only PPC Networking Event

Marketing O'clock - Digital Marketing podcast covering all tihngs SEO, PPC, and social media marketing

Paid Media Pros - Weekly videos on YouTube teaching the world about Paid Media

Paid Search Association - Professional organisation focused strictly on serving the paid search advertising industry.

How To Share Your Threads Profile

To help collate this faster it would be helpful to share your profile link instead of just your handle. Here's a handy pic to show how to do that. Click on the 3 dots next to the little instagram icon on your profile page and click on Copy Link. Or of-course, just copy the link in the address bar, if you're on desktop.

copy link - ppc experts to follow on threads

So add your link to be added to the list

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