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Inderpaul Rai

Inderpaul Rai

About Me - With over a decade of expertise spanning adtech, martech, multilingual paid search, SEO, analytics, social media, affiliate marketing, and display strategy in various sectors including telecoms, technology, travel, retail, finance, and education, I bring a holistic approach to digital marketing.

Currently I lead SEO, paid media, martech, analytics, and more at In this role I am accountable for orchestrating our user acquisition strategies and overseeing their effective implementation.

Speaker experience: HeroConf, PPC Live, The Marketing Meetup and Sheffield DM.

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Lessons of the Past to Succeed in the Future of PPC with AI & Generative Search

PPC has evolved a lot over the years, with Google having a pivotal role in its shape and trajectory. With the introduction of Bard and several other updates, we'll explore the potential of generative AI in transforming the PPC and search landscape"

We'll unpack the implications of Google's transition from search to conversational interfaces, with the potential demise of exact match on the horizon, the growing importance of broad and Performance Max, and the impact on PPC strategies.

The talk will touch on how generative AI and search are already impacting practioners' day-to-day work stack improving productivty with ad generation and testing, and how we might be able to harness the potential of these changes.

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