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Are your conversions ready for GA4?

Updated: Feb 22

Ga4 conversions
Are your conversions ready for GA4

Many of us have felt the anxiety of the looming countdown on Google Analytics. The day is coming, and most of us are still not ready. Moreover, if you try to book a PPC freelancer, you likely find they're already fully booked for the next few weeks, setting up GA4 for their clients.

One task you should prioritize before exploring the new GA4 functionalities and fantastic reports is to import your conversions to Google Ads. This is especially important if you're using Smart bidding strategies, as the algorithm needs time to understand the data.

In that regard, there was some cool news about imported conversions a few weeks ago. Google announced Enhanced Conversions on Google Ads, which allows the import of fractional, cross-channel web conversion credits from Google Analytics 4 (GA4) properties.

According to Google, Enhanced Conversions, "Google Ads now imports fractional, cross-channel web conversion credits from Google Analytics 4 properties, leading to more accurate measurement and better optimization."

This feature aims to enhance the precision of your conversion data. By utilizing this feature, Google Ads can insert information gathered from a visitor who has completed a conversion and correlate that information with various ads they may have viewed on different devices.

"Previously, web conversions were imported from Google Analytics 4 on a cross-channel last-click basis and then attributed in Google Ads based on the attribution model you selected in your Google Ads account. This means that if the last click was not from Google advertising, then no conversion was imported into Google Ads. Today, with this upgrade, fractional cross-channel conversion credit will be imported into Google Ads, even if the last non-direct click was not Google advertising,"

"If data-driven attribution is selected for an imported conversion action, then all fractional, attributed Google credits as seen in Google Analytics 4 reporting will be imported into Google Ads regardless of the last touchpoint."

One of the benefits of Enhanced GA4 Conversion Imports is that it provides advertisers with more accurate and granular data about their conversions. With this feature, advertisers can track specific actions that lead to conversions. This level of detail can help advertisers better understand the customer journey and make more informed decisions about their campaigns.

This can help them make informed decisions about their campaigns and optimize them accordingly.

In addition, Enhanced GA4 Conversion Imports allows advertisers to use their GA4 conversion events (first-party data) for optimization purposes. They can create conversion-based audiences in Google Ads based on users' actions on their website and use these audiences to optimize their campaigns for specific business objectives.

There are three ways to set up enhanced conversions:

  • Google Tag Manager

  • Google tag

  • Google Ads API

In summary, Enhanced GA4 Conversion Imports is a valuable addition, providing detailed insights into user behaviour and enabling us to optimize campaigns more efficiently and effectively. We can achieve better results and efficiencies by combining this first-party data with a data-driven approach and smart bidding strategies.

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