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How to Become an In-Demand Speaker at PPC Events

Updated: Jan 25

How to become an in-demand speaker at PPC events.

The PPC landscape is constantly changing and evolving—whether in response to policy changes, new technologies, or shifting consumer trends. As a result, demand for insightful PPC speakers and PPC events is always high.

If you’ve ever wondered how to become a sought-after speaker in the PPC space, you’re in the right place.

This PPC Live UK guide will cover a few tried and tested techniques for honing your public speaking skills, connecting with industry leaders, and, ultimately, becoming an in-demand PPC speaker.

Ready? Let’s dive in.

7 Ways To Become a Sought-After PPC Speaker At PPC Events

1. Practice Public Speaking

Practising your public speaking is the number one thing you can do to up your value as a PPC event speaker.

“What if I’m not scared of speaking in front of crowds?"

The same advice holds—being a good public speaker isn’t always a matter of comfort (although that’s a great start). To be a top-tier event speaker, you need to understand intonation, delivery speed, tone, and a whole host of other things that don’t really apply to everyday public speaking.

Your best bet is to join a dedicated public speaking group or class that offers opportunities to practice and receive feedback. There are plenty to choose from, including:

There are also apps like Orai that use AI to analyze and critique your public speaking skills.

2. Find Your Voice

We’re not speaking literally, here. Finding your voice is about recognizing what makes you (as well as your experiences, expertise, and presentation style) unique and valuable in the crowded PPC space. Every differentiator is a reason why you might get booked over another expert.

To zero in on these differentiators, it helps to analyze what other leading PPC speakers are doing to stand out. The PPC Live UK YouTube channel is a great place to start—we regularly upload clips and full talks that you can use as a model for your own content.

As you watch videos, keep an eye out for:

  • Topics: What areas are receiving attention? Are there any gaps that you can fill?

  • Style: How are people presenting these topics? What would you do differently to improve their talks (e.g., inject a bit of humour, up the real-world examples, etc.)?

  • Messaging: What key points are presenters repeating throughout their presentations? Is there any messaging that resonates with you and could be added to your own PPC talks?

By looking at what successful speakers are doing, you can better understand how to hone in on your unique expertise and find your voice.

3. Learn to Write Talk Pitches

Every PPC event that accepts speaker applications will require some kind of pitch.

At PPC Live UK we ask for a short talk description upfront and more in-depth information once you’re shortlisted. And while writing a great pitch isn’t the most crucial factor in getting booked (more on that later), it’s still a skill that will serve you well.

To help you write a great PPC speaker pitch, here’s a short checklist you should run through before hitting “submit”:

  • Description of the talk or workshop theme (e.g., “How to Increase Conversions with AI-Driven Optimization”)

  • Relevant format (e.g., 45-minute talk)

  • Why you’re the ideal person to deliver this content (e.g., “Helped develop [technique] at [agency]”)

  • The expected learning outcome for attendees (e.g., How to implement AI optimization in a small-business context)

  • Check for inclusive language

  • Check for spelling and grammar

  • Address the event coordinator by name (if possible)

This basic checklist will work whether you’re writing a quick description or a longer proposal—it’s just a matter of adjusting the level of detail you offer.

4. Learn to Love Networking

If you’re already a networking proponent, feel free to skip to the next tip—we’ll catch up in a minute. If you’re among the many people who hate networking, this is for you.

Making connections in the PPC space (and ideally in the PPC event space) is the easiest way to get those initial speaking slots that help you build your personal brand and resume. And contrary to popular belief, making these connections doesn’t need to be self-serving or disingenuous.

Here are a few techniques you can use to dip your toes into the world of networking without feeling uncomfortable:

  • Introduce Yourself: Basic, I know—but networking is usually a matter of connecting with another person. It doesn’t need to be based on your PPC credentials. Focus on shared interests and let the topic arise naturally.

  • Offer to Help: Everyone has problems. If you can solve someone's problem, they will be willing to remember you and return the favour later.

  • Ask to Learn: Asking for advice and mentorship is a great way to initiate a relationship with someone.

  • Utilize Social Media: If you’re shy, online networking via LinkedIn is a great solution. Plus, it’s the dominant networking platform for businesses.

The bottom line? Networking is almost always a win-win. And it can often be a fun, rewarding experience. Come down to a PPC Live UK event for pizza, drinks, and networking and see for yourself!

5. Understand the Kinds of Talks That Work

Creating an engaging PPC talk is a very creative process. However, it helps to have a clear goal in mind when you start creating one.

There are a bunch of standard talk formats out there, including:

  • Big Ideas: These talks focus on one or two big, influential ideas. Think: industry breakthroughs, new insights, or changing patterns.

  • Small Ideas: These talks focus on smaller, less influential ideas, but through a unique lens or perspective.

  • Issues: These talks focus on an issue that’s plaguing the industry—and hopefully offer solutions.

  • How-Tos: These talks are all about helping people learn how to do something concrete and applicable.

  • Tech Demos: These talks showcase a new tool or product. They’re very “show-and-tell” focused and often feature demonstrations of the product in action.

These formats are great starting points because they give your creative process some direction.

6. Build a Personal Brand

Building a strong personal brand will help you immensely as you start applying to PPC events as a speaker. When your reputation precedes you, your application and connections have less burden to bear.

So, how do you start this personal branding process? There are a few things you can do:

  • Set Up a Professional Website: This gives you control over how you’re represented online and serves as a portfolio of sorts. It should include a blog, social media links, an about page, and contact information.

  • Engage on Social Media: Join relevant groups and conversations related to your chosen topic. Share helpful advice or tips related to the topic and build up your presence.

  • Network: As we covered earlier.

  • Create Content: This content can be used to show your expertise. Bonus points for video content since this doubles as a showcase of your speaking abilities.

  • Get Featured in Publications and Podcasts: This is another great way to reach new audiences. Start writing guest posts and get involved with digital marketing or paid search podcasts.

7. Flesh Out Your Speaking Resume

The snowball effect is a very real thing when it comes to speaking at PPC events.

Because of that, you need to cast a wide net. Apply to as many PPC events as you can find, deliver great talks when invited to speak, and you’ll slowly but surely build a speaker resume that instantly catches people’s attention.

Look for upcoming in-person and virtual events at:

At PPC Live UK, we’re well aware of the fact that many of the world’s best PPC event speakers haven’t even delivered their first talks. That’s why we ensure our application process is as inclusive as possible—no experience requirements whatsoever.

Does that mean we let anyone speak? No. But it does mean that we get to hear from talented, engaging speakers who are just starting out on their journeys.

Start Your Speaking Journey With PPC Live UK

Not sure how to start your PPC speaking journey?

We run regular PPC events at PPC Live UK, focusing on various topics, technologies, and news. We’re always searching for speakers to offer us their unique insights and expertise.

Apply to speak at a future event or RVSP as an attendee to learn from a panel of industry-leading experts.

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