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The Evolution of Paid Search: How AI is Revolutionising Freelance Roles

Updated: Apr 4

Over the years, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) has transformed how paid search operates, offering advertisers unprecedented opportunities for precision targeting. Whether we like it or not - we are in the era of AI. It's just a matter of how much we want to use it.

AI Impact

One of AI's most significant impacts on paid search is its ability to refine audience targeting with unparalleled precision. Traditional keyword-based targeting has given way to more sophisticated methods, such as audience segmentation, behavioural targeting, and predictive modelling. AI algorithms analyse user data, including search history, browsing behaviour, demographics, and contextual cues, to identify individuals most likely to engage with specific ads.

So, if a predictive model can analyse data, produce content, and give you the accurate keywords to target, is the era of the PPC manager coming to an end? In everyday conversations, one might commonly hear statements like Are our roles saved in the upcoming years?

What it means for Freelancers

Moreover, for freelancers who do more hands-on, tactical work, will there be a place for them?

My take is that there will come a time when most tactical and repetitive tasks will be automated. AI will be able to take on that task, and it would be stupid for companies not to take advantage of this opportunity, no matter how much the data may not be up to date.

However, this was another opinion I wanted to get back from my LinkedIn audience. Thus, a poll was put up. I also wanted my fellow freelancers to discuss what services we should be primarily pitching to make our careers' futures safe.

Many wise pollers suggested we focus on both. Yes, AI has yet to take over ALL repetitive tasks. However, it was clear that focusing on strategy would be critical for future job safety. 


Here are some comments made to expand on the votes some people took:

Bryan Gaynor - "The day to day will inevitably change, it always has freelancers and are expected to adapt to these changes smoothly. The best people I've worked with or hired externally are those who can touch on the routine tasks but be able to articulate what is actually going to move the needle for the account and be able to plan for the next 3, 6, or 12 months". 

Similarly, Jordan Brunelle believes "… the role of an account manager will be safe IF they also provide value in another area. From paid ads to landing page CRO to lead nurturing (CRM). Not so much big picture consulting, but entrenching yourself in the business further, and tying yourself even closer to the result".

If we can find/communicate the real value of this role, we can go deeper. For Alba Gonzalezthis is the real clue: Where is the value of our job? I think it is pretty clear these AI tools can "replace" the manual part of our job (the day-to-day tasks, so to speak). However, a multi-channel strategy requires a professional with a solid digital background who can optimise and adapt to a fast-changing environment. Strategy is the clue!

Ashwin Naiksatam explains his vote: "It should be 30% strategy and 70% account mgt. If the PPC person doesn't know the vision then they have no purpose, no strategy and no direction.. so the question would be how and why they are optimising?"


Generally speaking, AI has profoundly transformed paid search advertising, empowering advertisers to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time. Freelancers who embrace AI as a complement to their skill set rather than a threat will be better positioned to thrive in the gig economy of the future. 

In conclusion, integrating AI technologies presents opportunities and challenges for freelancers in today's fast-growing digital landscape. 

I am very grateful for having Alba Gonzalez to have contributed to this article. Alba is a very brilliant and active member of the PPC Live community. She is a results-Driven PPC & Paid Social Media Expert, thriving on developing data-driven strategies that drive measurable results for my clients. She is fluent in English and Spanish and currently working for DAG in International markets such us: Europe, USA, Latin America and Africa. 

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