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Dez Calton

Dez Calton

About Me - Director of Optimyzd, a part of the Maze Group of companies.

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Responsive Search Ads: To Pin Or Not To Pin, That Is The Question

RSA’s have been our only option for new text ads on Google for almost a year now, so in this talk, we will take a deeper look into how you can utilize and benefit from machine learning while maintaining control over your brand/messaging with your text ads.

We'll also take a look at how you should prioritise things such as branding, benefits, features and ad strength in your ad messaging.

We will go through some real account examples and see how strategically pinning elements can tick both boxes, the needs of the advertiser and the recommendations/best practices from Google.

So whilst we may not be entirely on a literary par with Shakespeare with our 90-character ad descriptions, we will ask, “To pin, or not to pin”.

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