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PPC Live UK celebrates 1 yr Anniversary | 27th July 2023

Updated: 2 days ago

Watch the talks of past PPC events, see 10 reasons why you should attend a digital marketing event like PPC Live UK and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be alerted to new video releases.

Microconversions: How to Make Them Count for PPC - Gemma Russell

Top Tips:

  • Think about event types & event parameters to get the most from predefined reports.

  • Choose which micro conversions to measure.

  • The process is measuring your microconversions, analysing them and then creating audiences and campaigns and continuing to test and learn.

Five Psychological Tips to Help You Increase Conversion Rates in PPC - Freya Jones

Top Tips:

  • Wait for 30+ Responses (from a survey), then review the summary or overall feedback and then make website changes.

  • People are social creatures and dislike being excluded. Give a sense of missing out.

  • The perceived value of something goes up when it’s limited

  • People lose concentration after 3 seconds.

Lessons of the Past to Succeed in the Future of PPC with AI & Generative Search - Inderpaul Rai

Top tips:

  • This AI search disruption didn't happen overnight.

  • Fighting against these changes can only get us so far; let's learn how to win in the new era.

  • Make sure you're bidding on the right keywords + audiences + best RSA copy for this search intent; as always, relevancy is key.

  • Work with SEOs!

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