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PPC Live UK celebrates 1 yr Anniversary | 27th July 2023

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Watch the talks of past PPC events, see 10 reasons why you should attend a digital marketing event like PPC Live UK and don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel to be alerted to new video releases.

Top Tips:

  • Think about event types & event parameters to get the most from predefined reports.

  • Choose which micro conversions to measure.

  • The process is measuring your microconversions, analysing them and then creating audiences and campaigns and continuing to test and learn.

Top Tips:

  • Wait for 30+ Responses (from a survey), then review the summary or overall feedback and then make website changes.

  • People are social creatures and dislike being excluded. Give a sense of missing out.

  • The perceived value of something goes up when it’s limited

  • People lose concentration after 3 seconds.

Top tips:

  • This AI search disruption didn't happen overnight.

  • Fighting against these changes can only get us so far; let's learn how to win in the new era.

  • Make sure you're bidding on the right keywords + audiences + best RSA copy for this search intent; as always, relevancy is key.

  • Work with SEOs!

PPC Live UK celebrates 1 Yr Anniversary pictures

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