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Rock Stars in our Field - Emma Glover

Another month, another opportunity to shed light on our great PPC talent in our field. And you don't need to take our word for it - you are the lovely people sending in your outstanding nominations about the people you admire.

This time is no different, as we received an excellent commendation for Emma Glover from not just a community member but a PPC Live UK past speaker and Paid Media lead Sophie Logan.

What is your relationship to Emma?


What makes him a rockstar?

Emma is open to sharing her knowledge and insights with others. She doesn't gatekeep strategies but educates others on how they can use them for their own businesses.

Can you describe an incident that really made them stand out to you with their approach?

Emma recently spoke at the International Social Summit where she discussed ABM (Account Based Marketing).

Her talk provided them with step by step instructions on how they can build their own ABM strategy, sharing her knowledge both during and after the event with interest participants.

Her talk, and post talk content, were actionable and insightful, making it access for all to try.

When other focus on promoting themselves during her talk, Em make sure she is providing others with the information and advice they need to be able to do it themselves.

Three words you would use to describe them?

Strategic, thoughtful and dedicated

Name a PPC strength you admire in them.

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If you also know one of these inspiring PPC rockstars; please let us know, we all want to know about them. Let's get the industry to say nice things about each other!

And if you want to meet some of these rock stars to learn from and share with, join our PPC Live UK events, run on the last Thursday of every other month at the early bird price of £16. Our next PPC event is on the 26th of October; get your ticket before it is too late!

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1 Comment

Lachlan Brows
Lachlan Brows
Sep 08, 2023

That was useful post for me

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