PPC Live UK Inaugural event | July 28th 2022

Updated: Sep 4

Resources are best accompanied whilst watching how the event went down:

Contextualising Your Paid Performance - Yasmin Williams

Top Tips:

  • Google Trends

  • Google Alerts

  • Think With Google

  • Wider Statistical Insights (ONS)

What are the Pillars of PPC - Richard Ingilby

Top Tips:

  • Pillars clarify what we need to do

  • Pillars show us what makes our PPC account successful

  • Pillars help us to communicate

  • Pillars clarify our work to senior leaders

  • Pillars needs to change with the time

How Not To Approach Automation - Anu Adegbola

Top Tips:

  • PPC is still evolving (hasn't fully evolved)

  • The Paid Search Manager's role has also evolved - and is no where close to coming to an end

  • Don't assume anything when it comes to automation